Season 7

Episode 723: “Netherlands”

Episode 723: “Netherlands”
Original Air Date:May 6, 2001
Written by::Martha Williamson
Directed by: Kevin Dowling
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Gloria Valerie Bertinelli
The Driver Mandy Patinkin
Mike Rice Jeff Yagher
Madeline Madison McReynolds
Saul Alfred Dennis

Monica works with the newly created Angel, who has yet to be named, trying to explain what it means to work with human beings and the rewards of helping them connect with God. The Angel is apprehensive, wondering why Monica chooses to stay on Earth after experiencing the wonder of being in God’s presence. Monica explains that she stays because God asks her to, and because He loves them. But the Angel doesn’t know what love is. Monica’s first priority is finding the Angel a pair of eyeglasses to correct her blurred vision and trade in her angel garb for human clothes.

After doing so, Monica shares her appreciation of different coffees with the Angel when a young girl named Madeline approaches. Madeline explains that she comes to this business complex with her mother who’s looking for work. The Angel befriends Madeline and offers to fix her mechanical toy dog. Before long, Madeline is braiding her hair and discerning the angel’s name to be “Gloria” from the hymn “Angels We Have Heard On High.” Tess explains that Gloria has a very quick mind, but Monica will have to show her how to use her heart. But all that changes when a building explodes in front of their very eyes, as they watch not just one, but many angels of death, arrive on the scene. Monica is suddenly struck by the large scale tragedy before her, and feels unprepared to show Gloria how to use her heart only to be broken. Andrew arrives on the scene and explains that he just took Madeline’s mother to Heaven. Gloria helps emergency crews pinpoint Madeline’s location based upon the trajectory of her mechanical dog. While Monica leaves her post, Tess assigns Gloria to sit with Madeline who now lies unconscious in the hospital. Gloria is at a loss as to what to do, so Tess suggests she sing to her.

Nearby, an older man waits beside his wife of forty years who is also seriously injured, offering her a glimpse of what love is. When Madeline regains consciousness, he suggests Gloria tell her a story to keep her awake. But Gloria is at a loss, unfamiliar with how to use her imagination. As Monica walks along the highway, a charismatic man in a black Mercedes offers to give her a lift. But Monica recognizes this is no ordinary mortal, but Satan, who has taken on human form to tempt Monica. He preys on Monica at her most vulnerable moment, whose faith in human love has been shattered by the bombing, a reminder of all that’s wrong with humankind. The driver taps into Monica’s belief that perhaps she could succeed where they have failed. He shows her what life would be like if she were human, with a husband and two beautiful children and another on the way.

The moment is intoxicating, even for an angel. The driver makes an eloquent appeal, promising to be there for Monica when she falls, leading her to the precipice. But at the last moment, Monica asks God to forgive her. Her prayer is answered and she is transformed, her faith renewed. Monica resumes her post as Gloria’s mentor. Gloria is concerned that she lacks imagination, but Monica assures her that among angels, truth is better. Monica explains to Madeline that her mother is in Heaven with God, and that soon, she will be reunited with her. Gloria sits with Madeline until Andrew comes for her, and sheds her very first tear, a sign that Monica has done her job and that Gloria has learned how to use her heart.

This episode also featured the song “Gloria” by Shadows Of Knight.  The song is available now on their album, Dark Sides.

The Canadian version of this episode featured the song “Gloria” by Laura Branigan.  That song is available

This episode featured the song “No One Is Alone” by Mandy Patinkin.  It is available now on his album, Mandy Patinkin .

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