Season 7

Episode 716: “Winners, Losers & Leftovers”

Episode 716: “Winners, Losers & Leftovers”
Original Air Date:February 25, 2001
Written by::Rosanne Welch
Directed by:Peter H. Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Liam   Harry Hamlin  
Matt Robert Jackson
Jamie Juliana Donald
Neil Vince Melocchi
Josh Jon Pennell
Mr. Harlow Grant Albrecht
Mary M. E.  Powell
Grant William Whitehead

Liam Cadegan works for ApexOne Technologies, a high-tech company which has just been bought as part of a merger.  While Liam is generally secure in his job and is clearly devoted to his family, he starts to become affected by the paranoia of those around him in the wake of the company president’s termination.  Tess points out that in a tense climate, even the least competitive person can switch gears and become a predator.  Harlow meets with the employees by video conference and introduces Monica as the new vice president of community relations.  Monica suggests aligning themselves with the Special Olympics and offers to arrange a meeting this weekend with her contact (Andrew).

Liam, whose son will be participating in the Special Olympics, supports the idea, acknowledging the fact that his son is disabled.  But Harlow preempts Monica’s suggestion in favor of a corporate retreat he’s scheduled this weekend.  Josh Whitman (one of Liam’s colleagues) reads between the lines and advises Liam to prepare for a gladiator-style competition which will likely determine the company’s next president.  Liam breaks the news to his son, Matt, that he won’t be able to be there for the preliminaries, but he will definitely be there for the finals.

Tess guides the VP’s through the retreat, which is designed to get them to know each other personally so they can work together better professionally.  The first game is musical chairs, in which a meek Liam is promptly eliminated.  When Josh wins the contest by pulling the last chair away from Monica, Liam realizes that he will have to be ruthless if he wants to win.  When Tess announces this evening’s outdoor challenge, Liam realizes he must decide between attending his son’s race or competing for a chance at promotion.  Monica is the first to notice the change in Liam and tries to get him to see what he’s sacrificing.  But when she suggests he isn’t actually interested in becoming the company president, he thinks she’s just trying to psych him out.

The final phase of the competition involves a search for clues to locate a flag to be planted at the top of a mountain.  As Josh predicted, the president will be selected from the winning team.  Liam’s team manages to work together and capture the flag until Neil trips and breaks his ankle.  Unwilling to let anything (or anyone) stand in his way, Liam proceeds to the top of the mountain alone.  But when he reaches the summit, Tess reminds Liam that, in order to win, his whole team had to make it to the top.  Liam rushes back to get his teammates, but finds only Monica.  She tells him that Josh’s team stopped to help Neil and have taken him back to the retreat center.  Liam refuses to concede, convinced that he needs this promotion in order to provide for his “special needs” son.  Monica reveals herself as an angel and tells him that Matt’s deepest need is his family and that Liam’s most important job is being a father.  Liam arrives in time to see Matt and cheer him on.  Matt appears to be winning the race, but stops to aid a fellow athlete who falls down.  Liam beams with pride as he watches his son cross the finish line while supporting the injured competitor.  Harlow arrives and offers Liam the promotion, saying he’s got the qualities he wants in a leader, someone who’s willing to do what it takes to get to the top.  But Liam turns down the promotion, having learned a powerful lesson not only from Monica, but from his son.

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