Season 7

Episode 711: “Mi Familia”

Episode 711: “Mi Familia”
Original Air Date:January 7, 2001
Written by::Rosanne Welch
Directed by:Victor Lobl
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:


Rafael  Alexis Cruz               
Miguel Acosta         Renoly Santiago
Tommy Hernandez Jesse Borrego
Steve “Gonzo” Gonzalez   Abel Soto
Lorena Acosta Laura Ceron
Anna Hernandez Crystle Lightning
Father O’Grady Bob Eric Hart 
Alex Cassada  Jonathan Hernandez
Officer Jim Percy David Reivers


Miguel and Anna’s marriage is interrupted by Anna’s father, Tommy, who rejects his daughter’s decision to marry Miguel, the father of their 6-month old child.  Unmoved by Anna’s protests of love, Tommy dismisses Miguel because of his gang affiliation.  Tommy insists the two teenagers stay away from each other.  Andrew and Rafael, working with the church, try to get Miguel to participate in a community outreach program for teenage fathers, but his participation is only to appease the suspicions of the local police.  Miguel is determined to gain his respect the only way he knows how, through the gang.

Gonzo, the hot-tempered leader, informs Miguel of his plans to kill a rival gang member.  Miguel returns home to discover his mother, Lorena, has given away his room to Monica, who works as a church volunteer.  This furthers Miguel’s withdrawal from the people who truly care about him.  Lorena confides to Monica her disappointment in her son’s lifestyle and longing for the son he once was.  Miguel and Anna meet the next day at the family run restaurant owned by Tommy.  Tommy voices his displeasure with Miguel and his friends to an attentive new customer, Tess.  Tess recognizes that Tommy’s intolerance is closely linked with his own questionable past that he is trying to escape.  Gonzo pressures Miguel to kill one of their rivals after a failed earlier attempt.  Miguel struggles with his decision and privately turns to God for guidance.

Monica tries to convince Miguel that his family is in need of him, not the gang.  Misguided by his father’s legacy, Miguel is undeterred in carrying out his orders.  Miguel’s hesitation at the critical moment infuriates Gonzo, who fears their rival will retaliate.  Miguel rushes home to gather his few belongings and asks Anna to leave town with him.  Anna’s devotion to Miguel leads her to reluctantly follow him with their son.   As they get into the car to leave, there is a drive-by shooting by the rival gang, which injures Anna and the baby.  They are rushed to the hospital where Miguel is relieved to discover that the injuries are not critical.  The doctor explains that his baby was fortunate to have the car seat buckle interfere with the path of the bullet.  Miguel realizes what he learned in his parenting class, the proper way to buckle a baby in a car, saved his son’s life.  Tommy arrives at the hospital incensed at Miguel.

At Tess’ urging, Tommy dispels Miguel’s glorified memory of his father and explains to Miguel that his father killed himself playing Russian Roulette.  The shocking news drives Miguel away.  Miguel concludes that his entire life has been a failure.  Monica tells Miguel that there are many people who love and need him, but he must take responsibility for his actions.  Monica takes Miguel to church where Rafael reveals that he is an angel sent by God, just like Monica, Tess and Andrew.  Rafael urges Miguel to open his heart to God because through His grace, he can live in the truth and start over again.  Miguel returns to the hospital to apologize to Tommy.  Miguel promises that he will be a good father and offers his cooperation with the police.

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