Season 7

Episode 722: “The Face Of God”

Episode 722: “The Face Of God”
Original Air Date:April 29, 2001
Written by::Glenn Berenbeim
Directed by:Victor Lobl
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:
Sarah Conover Annabella Sciorra
Brad    James Eckhouse
Albert Einstein Harold Gould  
Mr. Aramaki Soon-Tek Oh
New Angel Valerie Bertinelli
Penny  Carolyn Mignini
Doctor Hugh Holub   
Dave   Steve Vinovich
Joey Jake Dinwiddie

Dr. Sarah Conover is at the forefront of human genetics and on the verge of a historic breakthrough by being the first to clone a human being. Her headstrong pursuit is met with strong opposition from her supervisor, Brad Renslow, who questions the social ramifications of human cloning. Under the microscopic scrutiny of a government review team, Sarah anxiously awaits final approval to proceed from the company board. Sarah acknowledges to the throng of media that she is not playing the role of God, but improving upon Him. For Sarah, the advancement of genetic technology ultimately leads to healthier and better lives and will allow infertile parents to have children.

Fearing the possibility that Sarah will proceed without authorization, Brad assigns a bio-ethicist, Monica, to weigh the moral and ethical implications. The ease and eagerness with which Sarah demonstrates the initial steps of the cloning process causes Monica to question Sarah’s motives and intentions. Sarah argues that Albert Einstein, her idol whom she did her PhD thesis on, would have championed her scientific endeavors. Monica offers a different picture of the pioneering scientist with an account of his final moments with Andrew and Tess. Faced with his own impending death, Einstein was more eager to appreciate the beauty that God created than artificially prolong his own life. Monica’s story is interrupted by the arrival of the candidates for Sarah’s project. After hearing the tragic tale of an infertile couple seeking to clone their daughter who passed away, Monica questions her ability to discover the truth of the matter.

Monica tries to emphasize to Sarah the tremendous responsibility she will take on if she clones a child. Sarah misinterprets Monica’s advice and decides that she is the perfect choice and will use her frozen sample of Einstein’s DNA to give birth to her son. Sarah is elated with the decision, convinced that her son will have the best of everything, a loving mother and the genius of Einstein. The news that other scientists will start the cloning process in a week pressures Sarah to proceed without authorization. After evading security, Sarah locks herself in her laboratory, ready to begin. Monica warns Sarah that she has not considered the long-term consequences, just like Einstein, and will suffer just as he did. Monica describes how Einstein met a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing, Mr. Aramaki.

The gardener’s account of the infamous day painfully reminded Einstein how his discovery of relativity regretfully became the blueprint for the atomic bomb. Monica reveals herself as an angel to Sarah and allows her to witness the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. The frightful experience causes Sarah to reconsider what she is doing. Monica tells Sarah that only God creates life and that He is in a constant state of creation. Suddenly, the cherry blossoms from a tree outside whirl inside the laboratory and transform into a beautiful new angel. As Monica and the new angel depart, Monica reminds Sarah that she is a child of God and will always be loved by Him and she will be a wonderful mother one day. With a renewed hope for the future, Sarah tearfully removes the genetic material and disposes it.

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