Season 7

Episode 724: “Shallow Water, Part One”

Episode 724: “Shallow Water, Part One”
Original Air Date:May 20, 2001
Written by::Martha Williamson & Burt Pearl
Directed by:Peter H. Hunt
Produced by:

Martha Williamson
Jon Andersen
R.J. Visciglia, Jr.

Guest Cast:

Diana Winslow                Delta Burke
Jed Winslow                    Randy Travis
Rebecca Markham         Faye Dunaway
Joshua Winslow              John Schneider
Carter Winslow               David Canary
Lila Winslow                    Rue McClanahan
Danny Winslow               Cameron Bowen
J.D. Winslow                    Keb’ Mo’
Cynthia Winslow            Nell Carter
June Winslow                 Gloria Gaither
The Winslow Vocal Group:
Bill Gaither
Mark Lowry
Guy Penrod
David Phelps

Special Appearance by The Gaither Homecoming Singers and Band

Perched on a rocky peak above a vast canyon, Monica reflects on her previous temptation by Satan and her triumphant return to God’s grace. Monica is at a loss for words trying to describe the new gift God has given her. Tess explains that God has blessed her with the ability to see humans “from the inside out,” to see the past and how it has changed the present. Monica begins sensing the joyful sounds and images of the Winslow family as they were three years ago. Tess reminds Monica to patiently allow the events connected with the wreckage to unfold. Monica gradually retraces the history of the Winslow’s to the present day.

Meanwhile, Diana Winslow continues her therapy under the counsel of psychiatrist Rebecca Markham, to uncover the painful memory she has suppressed. Diana says she has prayed for an angel to help her reunite her family and reconnect her son Danny with the other relatives. Believing that Diana’s faith in God has hampered her progress, Rebecca tries to refocus Diana on the events leading to her memory lapse. Diana fondly recalls the last time the family toured and how they worked on the song “Shallow Water,” composed by her talented brother-in-law Jed. Diana confesses that the beginning of the family breakup was caused by her headstrong father-in-law’s (Carter) refusal to allow Jed to sing his song, preferring his more charismatic son, Joshua. When Monica shockingly discovers the truth of the tragic accident, she goes to see Diana.

Diana introduces Monica as the angel she has been praying for. Rebecca is indifferent to Monica’s presence, believing that she is just a concerned friend. Diana continues her recollection of the past, describing how she conspired for Jed to sing “Shallow Water” without Carter’s permission. Despite the audience’s praise, Carter was unable to forgive the deception and directed his anger at Jed. Jed’s refusal to board the bus to the next city on tour is the last thing Diana can remember and it is the impasse that Rebecca has not been able to help Diana cross. Rebecca privately suggests to Monica that a reunion with Jedidiah will help Diana overcome her denial of the traumatic experience. Monica agrees with Rebecca and follows her investigation to Jed’s whereabouts in Georgia. Tess and Monica are surprised to find out that the man they have tracked down is not Diana’s brother-in-law, but an African-American preacher with the same name. Believing that the journey has not been an accident, Monica convinces the preacher and his sister, Cynthia, to return with her to see Diana. Cynthia is shocked to discover that Diana, a patient at a mental health facility, believes her son is still alive and continues to be at her side.

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